CRTV 94.0
The Cameroon Radio and Television was created after the department of radio broadcasting and Cameroon television fused. The department of radio broadcasting started off as « la societé de radio-diffusion de la France Outré Mer (SORAFOM) » during the First World War when the French arrived in Douala and installed a short wave transmitter. This structure later become the department of radio broadcasting placed under the ministry of information and culture after Cameroon gained its independence.
Hören CRTV 94.0 Live Radio online aus Kamerun / Nachrichten / Öffentlichkeit Radiosender. CRTV 94.0 kostenlos online radio hören.

About CRTV 94.0

CRTV 94.0 2.7/5 - 18 Stimmen

Lage: Kamerun / Nachrichten / Öffentlichkeit
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